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*Due to high volume of surrender requests, limited resources, and high cost of medical expenses, we require a $100 donation per dog surrendered*

Bluebonnet Yorkshire Terrier Rescue is a volunteer based rescue with limited foster homes.  We are often at capacity and may not be able to take your dog(s). Completing the Surrender Form will add your dog(s) to our waiting list, however will not guarantee acceptance.  We will contact you as soon as the review process has been completed and if space becomes available for your pet(s).

In order to make the transition as smooth as possible for your dog, please bring his/her bed, favorite toys, and any other personal items. Please also be sure to bring all vet receipts and paperwork such as registration papers, and please send as many photos of the dog you are surrendering to

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Owner Name
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The more we learn about your dog, the better the odds are of it finding a great new home. Please answer the following questions as completely and honestly as possible. The more we know about your pet, the better we can accommodate its needs while in foster care.
Please include children's ages.
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Date dog will be available
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Reputable breeders always take responsibility for the dogs they produce and usually want their dogs back if you cannot keep it, no matter what the age of the dog is now.
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Does your dog:
Can you leave him/her unattended in the house for long periods of time without him/her damaging anything?
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I fully understand that by executing this document and delivering the above described dog to Bluebonnet Yorkshire Terrier Rescue that I hereby relinquish any and all legal and equitable rights of ownership of the described dog. I represent that I am the lawful owner of; and have good title to and the right and power to gift, sell, assign, transfer, and deliver said dog, and that said dog is free and clear from claims of ownership and other encumbrances of any kind or nature whatsoever by any other person or entity. I understand that BYTR will act in the best interest of said animal in its care and placement. By assuming ownership, BYTR reserves all rights in regards to making all decisions to said dog’s care, placement, and medical treatment.
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