Sammy is a sweet loving girl about 10 years old, about 8.5 lbs in search of a new home...  She has been very loved and coddled  by her mommy of 8+ years but sadly due to unforeseen circumstances for Sammy, she is left at the mercy of our rescue to find her a new perfect home.

Sammy is a lovely companion, enjoys being held like a baby and very affectionate.  She's spunky, lets you know what she wants, but also aims to please with sit, shake and lie down at command and for treats.  Even though she only has one tooth left due to all her teeth being removed from a dental disease (which is so common for small dogs if not taken care of properly early on)  Not having any teeth left doesn't bother Sammy much.  She enjoys her soft food just fine out of her bowl, eating on her own without having to be hand fed

She deserves a home where she can be spoiled rotten, hopefully a mommy who would be able to hold her and love on her all day long like her old mommy did.

Sammy has been too busy getting a little too spoiled however that she never properly learned how to let her humans know when she needs to go potty outside.  She is a smart one and will no doubt learn to let her new family know, but this will require patience and understanding.

Adoption fee for Sammy is $200

To be considered for adoption, please complete our online adoption application.