Foster Application

Please complete this application if you would like to become a foster. Fosters must be 21 years of age or older.

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Name *
Type of residence *
Do you rent or own?
If you rent, you MUST have landlord permission prior to taking in a dog to foster
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Include their ages and relation to you.
Does everyone in your home consent to fostering a dog? *
Do you have a fenced yard? *
What kind of dog are you available to foster?
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Are you willing/able to administer medication if necessary?
Are you willing to foster more than one dog at a time? *
Do you have any experience as a foster? *
Do you have any experience with dogs with special needs?
Include breed, size, age
*For the health and safety of both your animals as well as our foster dogs, we will not place a foster animal into a home where the resident pets are not sterilized and up to date with vaccinations. We always require that an animal is current on a distemper vaccine (canine/feline), rabies vaccine (when age appropriate) and kennel cough vaccine. We strongly recommend the usage of a monthly flea preventative as well. Your vet can help to determine the proper vaccination and flea preventative schedule for your pet.
Do you have an area where foster dog can be kept separate from your own animals if needed?
Family members may not be references.
If yes, how far?
Although each potential foster animal is given a thorough health examination, as with any animal, we cannot gurantee their health and wellness 100%. Do you and the members of your household (children especially) understand that illness, unexpected deaths, and euthanasia may be a part of the foster care experience?
Depending on the situation, the fostering of an animal usually requires a 2 to 8 week commitment. Are you prepared to make that substantial commitment and care for the animal until such time that it is ready to be adopted? *
** It can be extremely stressful for an animal to be moved back and forth to different foster homes. Please ensure that you know your schedule in advance and are fully prepared to fulfill your foster care commitment. In the event of an emergency, we will gladly make arrangements to take your foster animal and find an alternative placement.
Do you understand that you, or anyone interested in adopting your foster animals, must go through the standard adoption process and pay the standard adoption fee?
Are you willing to consent to a home visit? *
Are you willing to consent to a background check? *